dog keeps licking base of tail

15 Reasons Why Your Dog Keeps Licking Their Base Of Tail

dog keeps licking base of tail

Wondering why your dog keeps licking base of tail? It might seem like a cute gesture to you, but for your dog, licking their tail base is a way of signaling that they are feeling anxious. Dogs lick their tails as a sign of submission, much like when puppies put their heads down and show you their bellies to indicate they aren’t a threat.

Licking might also be an indicator that your dog has allergies or something stuck on the base of his tail. If your dog starts licking at this area excessively, it may be time to take him to the vet for a checkup. If he doesn’t have any injuries and there’s nothing visibly caught in his fur, then it’s probably just due to anxiety or allergies:

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dog licking base of tail

Here are 15 reasons why your dog keeps licking base of tail:

1.) Because they’re stressed out – Licking the base of their tail is usually done by dogs as a sign of submission. When a dog is feeling anxious, stressed, or frightened, it will lick its tail base as a way of signaling that they’re not a threat.

2.) Because your dog thinks you’re going to hurt them – If your dog has been through an incident where he was hurt by someone and then saw that person again, he may start licking his tail in order to show submission. This behavior usually only occurs if the person who caused pain goes away and comes back again at some point after the incident.

3.) Your pet is growing uncomfortable with how you touch him – Does your dog get scared when you reach towards him? Maybe it’s time to review how you interact with him on a daily basis and work towards changing things up so that he sees these interactions as positive.

4.) Because he has an itch that needs to be attended to – If your dog starts licking an area excessively, it might be because he has an itch or something stuck on his tail. This behavior usually only continues due to the itching sensation. If there’s no injury and nothing caught in his fur, then it’s probably just due to anxiety or allergies:

5.) Because your dog is stressed about being in a new environment – Any change can cause stress in a dog, not just changes involving a new home or family member. Being in a new environment with different smells and sights will also affect your pet. The best way to help them adjust is by keeping things consistent, talking calmly and soothingly when you meet any strangers so that they know there’s nothing to be afraid of.

6.) Your dog is experiencing pain in his tail – If your dog keeps licking base of tail, it may be because he has an injury or pain somewhere near this area. Check for redness or swelling and if you can see any damage, then take him straight to the vet.

7.) Because your pet wants attention – Sometimes, when dogs start licking their tails, it’s simply because they want some love from their owners! This behavior usually occurs when a dog is too timid to jump up on furniture by themselves, but if you’re not willing to give them that attention, then they will find other ways to get your attention.

8.) Because he thinks you are going away – If your dog is in a kennel or in another situation where they are separated from you, they may start licking excessively because they think they are about to be abandoned. If you have to leave him for a while, then try giving him something that smells like you. This will help reassure him that you’ll come back when it’s time to be released.

9.) Because your pet wants attention from other people – Is there someone else who gives more fuss and attention than yourself? If so, your dog might use his tail licking trick on them instead of you!

10.) Your dog is feeling lonely – Is your pet alone for a lot of the time? Your dog licking base of tail? If so, make sure you take him for playing sessions every day and try to spend more time with him playing and enjoying his company. Dogs can get stressed if left by themselves for too long without any attention; this stress may cause them to lick excessively at their tail base.

11.) Because he’s feeling scared or threatened – Does your dog always seem agitated when someone new comes around? It might be because he senses that they’re going to do something bad and start licking his tail as a way of showing submission. This behavior usually only occurs when the person who seems threatening goes towards your pet.

12.) Because of fleas – If your dog is constantly licking at his tail base or scratching around this area, then it might be because of an infestation of fleas: tiny little pests that live on the skin and feed off blood. Your pet will usually scratch and lick excessively and can cause open wounds, hair loss, and even scabs to form if they go untreated.

13.) Because of allergies – An itchiness caused by allergies can lead to excessive licking, especially if the allergy is to something like pollen or grass! Try keeping your pet indoors when possible, so he doesn’t get too much exposure to allergens in the environment which will make him more comfortable. Make sure you give him lots of love while trying out these tips.

14.) Because of physical discomfort – Your dog keeps licking back near tail because of nervousness or fear? If this is the case, then make sure you give him plenty of love and affection, so he knows everything’s going to be OK. Your pet will usually lick excessively when they’re stressed out, so keep giving them lots of love and reassurance that everything is OK. This behavior usually only occurs when your dog feels threatened by people or animals in their vicinity.

15.) Because it’s just a habit – Some dogs simply form bad habits like licking at their tail just because they can; other than that, there isn’t necessarily any other reason for it other than the fact that they’ve done it before and feel like doing it again.

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why does my male dog lick other dogs pee

Why Does My Male Dog Lick Other Dogs Pee?

There are three main reasons why male dogs will lick other male or female dogs’ urine.

1) Oestrus (in heat) – the most common reason for this is because the female dog in question is ‘in heat’, and so as a male, he will try to mate with her to reproduce.

2) In defense – sometimes dogs will try to lick other dogs’ urine as a way of telling other dogs that they are ‘dominant’ over the other dog who they are currently smelling.

3) Because it is their job – male dogs (who are ’employed’ as studs) will smell female dogs’ urine and lick it because this is part of their job.

Male dogs with a strong desire to lick other dogs’ urine should be neutered to prevent them from attempting to mate with female dogs when they aren’t ready.

The Bottom Line

It’s normal for dogs to lick their tails if they have an itch. But the constant licking and chewing could turn into a really bad habit. And in the worst-case scenario, it can be a symptom of a serious medical condition. Don’t ignore the problem. Find out why your dog is licking the base of the tail and what you can do to help them out. There are a number of reasons why your dog keeps licking base of tail. The most common is a flea or tick bite or an allergic reaction to the saliva secreted by these insects. If the wound is severe, it can be a sign of infection, and you should take your dog to the vet immediately.

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