Do chihuahuas like to swim

Are Chihuahuas Capable of Swimming? 5 Breeds can Swim

Do chihuahuas like to swim
Do chihuahuas like to swim?

Do chihuahuas like to swim? Chihuahuas, the smallest breed of dog, have a natural instinct to swim. When a Chihuahua is in water, they have a hard time staying afloat. Much of the weight is in the front so, when a Chihuahua swims, it is not a pretty sight.

Chihuahuas have a difficult time swimming mainly because of their small legs and long backs. Other breeds, such as the pug, have short legs and a flat face. This breed is not really affected by its size when it comes to swimming. These breeds do not use their legs when they swim but rather use their chest muscles for swimming. Chihuahuas may tire quickly because of the strain on their muscles.

However, Chihuahuas are different in that they have large bodies with short legs. Another reason is the bone structure of the Chihuahua. They have a curved spine which makes it difficult for them to maneuver in the water.

Chihuahuas may experience muscle strain and quickly tire when swimming because of a couple of factors, including their body structure and bone shape. That is why it is best to let this breed rest on solid ground when you see them wading in the water.

The Chihuahua is not a breed that should be allowed to swim because of their bodies being predominately small, front-heavy, and with short legs tries to stay afloat. Their build makes them more susceptible to muscle strain when swimming. This trait also causes fatigue very quickly due to the muscle work needed for proper movement while in water. Short legs and a curved spine make maneuvering difficult in the water. It is best to keep them out of the water for their own safety while still allowing them supervised fun on dry land.

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can chihuahuas swim?
Can chihuahuas swim?

Can Chihuahuas Swim?

Yes, chihuahuas can swim.  Though they prefer not to and would much rather stay on dry land, they are, in fact, capable of swimming. Chihuahuas have a double-coat which helps them adapt to a variety of climates and even allows them to survive in water for short periods of time because the air trapped within their coats prevents it from absorbing too much water.

How can Chihuahuas Swim?

Chihuahuas can swim in much the same way they do most things – by jumping right in, head first. Though they may not be very proficient swimmers, they are capable of paddling around with their front paws for periods of time, though most chis prefer to remain on dry land.

Do Chihuahuas Swim Well?

No, chihuahuas do not swim well.  Though they are capable of swimming if need be, they will typically avoid doing so at all costs. In fact, most chis will opt to stay on dry land rather than risk falling victim to a watery demise.

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Can Chihuahuas Swim Long Distances?

Chihuahuas are not marathon swimmers by any means.  They will typically only manage to swim a few feet before getting tired and opting to get out of the water for good.  If a chihuahua falls in the water, it might be able to jump right back out, but this is not always the case, as some chis do not know how to swim and can drown.

Chihuahuas and Water

While many humans find the idea of swimming enjoyable, chihuahuas are not so keen on spending time near water.  Though they will avoid large bodies of water, for the most part, chis have been known to jump into small puddles or drenching rains from time to time.  If a chihuahua falls in the water, they may attempt to swim back out but most likely will just wade until they reach shallow enough waters for them to stand and escape the pool by themselves.

Can Chihuahuas Swim with Life Jackets? Chihuahua in Pool?

Though life jackets can help give a struggling chihuahua something to cling onto if found in the water after falling overboard or falling through thin ice, it is not recommended that you allow your pet to go boating without one.  Chihuahuas are often unable to stay afloat long enough for someone to find and rescue them due to their inability to swim very far before sinking to the bottom.

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Is there a Chihuahua that Swims Better Than Others?

Though some chis may be better at swimming than others, this has nothing to do with breed and everything to do with physical attributes.  Some chihuahuas take to water more naturally, while others are not so keen on it.  The same goes for whether or not a chihuahua can swim well or long distances – if they can’t swim well, it is because they don’t have much practice, and/or their physical characteristics just don’t allow them the ability to take on water for very long before sinking.

Can all Chihuahuas Swim?

No, while most chihuahuas will manage to get themselves out of the water should they happen to fall in, that’s not always the case, and some chihuahuas aren’t able to swim at all.  If a chihuahua falls into deep enough waters, it may be too late for them before anyone notices, and rescue is possible.

Dogs That Like To SwimDog Breeds That Love Water

Can dogs naturally swim? Dogs love to swim; however, some dogs are better at it than others. This is mainly due to the fact that each breed of dog has different body structures, and swimming can put quite a bit of strain on their bodies. Some dogs’ bodies will naturally groom themselves to become better swimmers than other breeds, and some breeds just could care less about water. You may be asking yourself which breeds do not like the water? It’s not that they don’t like the water. It’s just that their physical composition does not allow them to swim very well.

Just because your dog might not get along with the water, it doesn’t mean they don’t know how to swim. They are natural-born swimmers in most cases but may never have gotten into deep enough waters for them to try swimming

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Here are five popular dog breeds that love to swim in no particular order. Please note that this is a slideshow with a slide-in effect, meaning you would have to hit the arrow on the right side of the screen to go through each breed.

dogs naturally swim
Dogs naturally swim

1) Boxer

Boxers are one of those dogs that just seem to be naturally inclined to swimming. They love water, and they love playing in it, so if you throw them into the water, what else would they do but swim? Apparently, boxers are very strong swimmers because their short top layer is smooth and flat while their bottom layer is thick and dense, which makes them excellent at swimming through both deep and shallow waters. It’s not surprising that boxers were used for rescue work during World War II since they could swim well enough to save lives. I don’t think there is a single boxer out there that doesn’t love water.

2) Newfoundland

Newfoundlands are another one of those breeds that just seem to have a knack for swimming. They don’t mind the water, and they get along with it quite well. In fact, Newfs were used as rescue dogs in both world wars because of their calm demeanor and their ability to swim to where ever they need to go to save people from drowning. Both humans and other animals alike could rest easy knowing the Newfoundland was on the case!   No matter what you want them to do, Newfs will do it with a smile on their face, so if you ask them to swim, they will happily oblige while being careful not to accidentally drown your kids or yourself along the way.

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3) Labrador retriever

It’s no surprise that Labs love water; they are one of the most popular breeds in America, and their loyalty, playfulness, and energy make them a joy to be around. The Labrador retrievers name is derived from the island off the coast of Canada called Newfoundland, where the breed originated. They were used as a fishing tool for retrieving nets from the water because not only do they have webbed toes, but their tail acts as a rudder, making them excellent swimmers. If you give a Lab a toy that floats, chances are they will instantly take it into the nearest body of water to fetch it without hesitation, according to For those looking for an incredibly smart large breed dog with an even bigger heart, I would highly recommend the lab.

4) Bernese mountain dogs

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a dog originally from Switzerland; they are large but are very smart and easy to train. Before being used as working dogs in farms, the breed was also employed in pulling carts of milk, cheese, or wine that weighed up to 500 pounds which just goes to show how strong they actually are. It’s no surprise that these dogs love water, considering everything else they can pull with their muscles; their gracefulness in water, along with their webbed feet, makes them excellent swimmers. Just remember, if you take one for a swim, make sure it knows how to get out of the pool because I don’t think there is anything scarier than a Bernese Mountain Dog drowning.

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5) Bullmastiff

The Bullmastiff loves the water, and if you give it a bath on a Sunday, it will go swimming on Monday. Although bullmastiffs are not born swimmers, they quickly become good at it. They love to swim in cold water during the summer months! Bullmastiffs are perfect for boating or fishing because they can help bring in the catch.

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